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You must answer all the questions.

You should quote directly from the texts, but it must be in support of your argument/thesis and noted within your answers that a quote is from the text on a particular page.

Be aware that you are expected not only to answer the questions but to construct your answers in a coherent and cohesive manner—content, grammar and construction will all be important components


Here are the questions:

General: Discuss the events and developments that led to World War II. What were the long-term causes of WWII? (In Europe and the Pacific). What impact did WWI and interwar years of the 1920s and 1930s have on WWII? Was World War in Europe inevitable? Why or why not? Was war between the United States and Japan inevitable? Why or why not?

Major Turning Points and Allied Victory: What were some major turning points (in the European and Pacific theaters of war)? How did the Allies win the war? Was WWII a war of good vs. evil? Why or why not? Be sure to discuss how Germany, Italy, Japan, USSR, France, Britain and USA each understood this war in terms of good vs. evil.

Aftermath: What are the lessons of WWII? How and why was the approach to peace after WWII different than WWI?

Here is the worksheet to help you organize and compose the essay: WWII and aftermath worksheet.doc

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