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Respond to each student reply to the main questions in one paragrpah


Here is the main question

For this assignment, you will need to refer back to the five stocks that you chose in Week 02. This includes your two stocks that you are using for your course project.

Do any of the companies on your watch list have preferred stock or convertible investments available? What did you find out? How do these investments compare and contrast to the common stock ones you have been following so far?


This is student 1 reply to there answer

Out of the five companies that I am doing for this project the only company that has a preferred stock is Bank of America. Toyota, Honda, PepsiCo, and Dow Jones do not. When it comes to Bank of America their preferred stock is 18,780,000, and the common stock is 158,157,000 since preferred stock is less the common stock it is considered preferred stock. Preferred stock generally has a dividend that must be paid out before dividends to common stockholders and the shares usually do not have voting rights.


Here is student 2 reply to there answer

I have 5 companies and all do not have preferred stock. If they do, it would be preferred equity. The 5 companies I chose are Direct TV, Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, and Comcast. I was utterly shocked not to see these companies with preferred stock. Preferred stock is another form of generating revenue for the company. However, preferred holders get paid out before common stock holders. Preferred stock is like common stock, since it gets traded, but can also be like bond when it matures. 


Here is student 3 reply to there answer

What I have found Exxon Mobil is they have two different types of preferred stocks. There is a Class A and Class B. Both of these stocks are able to be converted into common stock options and this is the only company I have that has preferred stocks. Chevron on the other hand does not have preferred stock options. MMM or 3M does not have preferred stocks. Caterpillar or CAT is also another stock that does not have Preferred stock options.  INTC or Intel also does not have preferred stock options.





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