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ASSIGNMENT DETAILS: Essay Four builds on Essay Three and is an MLA-formatted, 8-10 argumentative research essay on a focused aspect of U.S. immigration. Your argumentative research essay will bring your ideas together with source ideas to support a focused and debatable main claim. It will demonstrate the essential skills for writing academic essays that we’ve practiced this semester.

SOURCES: Essay Four will rely on Readings One-Six from Weeks Nine-Eleven that you’ve analyzed and produced rhetorical precis for and on the discussion readings assigned for Roll Call Posts during Weeks Ten-Twelve. This was our work for Essay Three. In addition, Essay Four will rely on an additional FOUR sources, one of which will be from a JOURNAL ARTICLE.

Newton, Lisa, “Introduction: The Power of a Good Story,” pp. 1-4

The Power of a Good StoryPreview the document

Lopez, Gustavo, “Key Findings about U.S. Immigrants,” pp. 1-11

Key FindingsPreview the document

Week Eleven

Borjas, George, “The Immigration Debate We NeedPreview the document,” pp. 1-7

Douthat, Ross, “The Necessary Immigration DebatePreview the document,” pp. 1-6

Week Twelve

Celebrities Reveal Their Immigrant Stories in Six Powerful WordsPreview the document

Vargas, Jose Antonio, “My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant,Preview the document” pp. 1-13


A Lending Library of Independent Research Sources, by Theme [Optional]

Definitions & General Information

Illegal ImmigrationPreview the document


BBC News, “DACA Dreamers: What Is This Immigration Debate All About?Preview the document

McEvers, Kelly, “What’s Next for 700,000 DACA Recipients As Immigration Debate Breaks DownPreview the document

Immigration Debate

Sanneh, Kelefa, “Untangling the Immigration DebatePreview the document

Political Perspectives

Gonyea, Don, “The GOP’s Evolution on ImmigrationPreview the document

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