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I have attached the WBS that was completed last week in case you need it for this discussion.

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Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 400–600 words that respond to the questions below with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Now that you have created a work breakdown structure (WBS) for your project, your manager would like you to begin to determine any additional tasks needed to complete the work packages. You can think of work packages in the WBS as the “nouns” of a project deliverable. These nouns help you to determine the tasks, or “verbs,” for the project schedule.

For example, a work package could be a textbook for a project to design a course. The tasks needed to obtain the textbook could be to search publisher Web sites for textbooks that are relevant, and purchase the textbook that best meets the course’s objectives. Alternatively, you could have tasks such as write the textbook, edit the textbook, and publish the textbook.

  • What additional tasks are needed to create the work packages for your chosen project (the IT or the construction project from the 2 scenarios in the last DB)?
  • What are the starting and finishing dates of the project?
  • What are the project’s key milestones?
    • Note: A milestone is not a task. It is a major achievement in the project that does not consume time or resources.
  • In what order do the tasks need to be completed?
    • Do some tasks need to be completed before other tasks can begin? Why?
    • Can any tasks be completed at the same time?
  • What are the durations for the tasks in days or weeks?

Responses to Other Students( see Below): Respond to at least 2 of your fellow classmates with at least a 100-word reply about their Primary Task Response regarding items you found to be compelling and enlightening. To help you with your discussion, please consider the following questions:

  • What did you learn from your classmate’s posting?
  • What additional questions do you have after reading the posting?
  • What clarification do you need regarding the posting?
  • What differences or similarities do you see between your posting and other classmates’ postings?


#1 chad

IT Project

There are many tasks that go into the IT project.One of the packages is developing the budget for the project.Some subsequent tasks that go along with this package are researching vendor pricing, negotiating pricing, labor cost estimation, product research, client product approval, and client budget approval.The planning phase has the most room for adding tasks to support the packages.The tasks that support the execution phase are simpler and easier to define.

This project should take two weeks to complete.The start date for this project will be on Tuesday, May 28th due May 27th being a holiday.The end date for the project will be Friday, June 7th. The first week will be mostly comprised of the planning phase.The research, planning, and approval will take longer than executing the project itself.I say this from personal experience as I worked for a vendor that executed these projects for state schools during the summer months. We used to remove and install over 300 computers in a single day.The software process was handled in mass quantities at the warehouse prior to the installation date.

The key milestones are receiving the client budget approval.This is a key milestone because this allows the project manager to begin acquiring materials for the project.Once the project is completed, the next milestone is completing the acquisition.This allows the project to enter the execution phase.The next milestone is when the old products are removed. Once the old products are removed, the install can be started.The next milestone is when the desks are distributed and assembled.At this point, the computers can be distributed.The complete setup of the computers is the next milestone.Once the computers are setup, the software installation process can begin.Once the software is installed the training can be conducted.The training is the final milestone.When the training is finished, the project can begin the closing phase and the project can be completed.

The tasks need to be completed in a specific order for it to be completed efficiently.I covered the task order when I was covering the key milestones.The key milestones represent the necessary order of tasks to be efficient.Most tasks in this project are finish-to-start based.The only tasks that can be worked on simultaneously are some of the tasks in the planning phase and the closing phase.Working on these tasks simultaneously help drive the efficiency of the project.

Only a few tasks should take up to a day.Those tasks are mostly in the planning phase.This is primarily due to the communication that is necessary to complete the tasks.The tasks in the execution phase are based on hours because they can be completed by a vendor who will be providing a team to complete the tasks.

Task Name

IT Project

Project Planning

Project Charter – 1 day

Data gathering – .5 day

Project Management Plan – 1 day

Communications Plan – .5 day

Cost Estimates – 1 day

Budget Approval – .5 day


Aquire removal equipment/tools – .5 day

Purchase Desks – 1 hour

Purchase Computers – 1 hour

Purchase Software – 1 hour

Purchase Power and Connectivity accessories – 1 hour


Remove old computers – .25 day

Remove old desks – .25 day

Clean area – .25 day

Install Desks

Distribute to rooms – .25 day

Assemble desks – .5 day

Install Computers

Distribute Computers – .25 day

Distribute accessories – .25 day

Install computers on new desks – .5 day

Validate power and connectivity – .25 day

Install Software – .5 day


Test Computer and Software – .25 day

Diagnose and repair (if needed) – (.25 day)


Develop Training Materials for client – .5 day

Conduct live training for client(s) – .5 day

Deliver Training Materials to Client – 1 hour

Project Closure

Review deliverables for completion – .25 day

Client Review – .25 day

Client Approval – 1 hour

Sign-off – 1 hour



Additional tasks are needed to create the work package for the construction project is using the engineering work package as the foundation, adds construction planning information such as construction equipment requirements. Construction planners work closely with supervision teams to scope work packages, create and compile work package content and resolve issues and roadblocks.

Benefits of Work Packages

  • Simultaneous work
  • Seamless Integration
  • Controlling Costs
  • Using Software,TLMS

Deadline and budget management is the most important aspects of a construction project. The date and length of time will be the 1st of June 2019 – June 30, 2019. The assignment will be completed in four weeks, duration time and are subject to change, due to the understanding of delays. Most construction projects experience some type of delay and the cost will increase in some delay. The project owner are another party can cause delays. Maybe the owner changes some aspect of the project, a design problem occurs, or a decision is defer. Contracts require that notice should be given as soon as possible and address the issue before the delay increases costs and a lengthy deadline extension.

The key milestone in construction project is achievement in the project. Milestone represent the plan and tasks, and using the milestones the project continues to move forward. Milestones can be used to symbolize anything that has started or finished, though it’s primarily used as a scheduling tool. Use milestones to remind yourself about the project board meetings, and can indicate upcoming deadlines for any related projects to impending deliveries from suppliers.

Order the tasks needs to be completed

  • Project Management Planning: Explain the project plan to stakeholders and discuss it’s components.
  • Hold a Meeting.
  • Develop a Scope Statement.
  • Develop a scope baseline.
  • Develop the schedule and cost baseline.
  • Create baseline management plans, create the steps the team will take to manage to these plans.
  • Contract Administration.
  • Safety Management, analyze project quality and risks.
  • Construction management, defines each person’s rolls and responsibilities.

The four tasks Dependency, start-to-start, finish-to-finish, finish-to-start, and start-to-finish.

Start-to-Start, both tasks start at the same time, or one task has to start before the other can start.

Finish-to-Finish, one task ends at the same time or before another.

Finish-to-Start, one tasks ends before the other task begins.

Start-to-Finish, one task starts before another task finishes.

The most common relationship is finish-to-start. One task must be finish before starting the next task. The duration of time for this project is 4 weeks.


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