Mini GLOBE Project –

A GOOGLE search on the GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness)  Project is a great start…here are some links to help get you started (don’t be limited by these – there are many others):

Assignment 1:


  • Create a table that describes two different societal cultures; primary source: GLOBE project

     The table could be* three columns with a “Dimension Title” – “Culture 1’s Dimension” – “Culture’s 2 Dimension”

    * – “Could Be” – be creative; however you would like to present the table/information is up to you!

    These can be any two societal cultures (or even subcultures) – your choice.  (AND if you want to narrow it down to organizational cultures within the societal culture that is fine). 

    Consider differences in assumptions, beliefs, values, artifacts and Leadership approaches. 

    Schein may also help you get started with (for instance) high and low context differences or perceptions of time; or perceptions of reality) – you don’t need to be limited to the GLOBE projects dimensions.

    Assignment 2:

  • Paper: compare and contrast the cultures from the table

     This assignment just takes the information from your table and


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