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Week 6: Change Initiative Proposal Draft for Peer Review Discussion
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The peer review process is integral to our writing and communication.  This process is meant to facilitate better writing and to give us the opportunity to share feedback, critiques, and perspectives with one another.  Feedback is critical to our growth and the change process.

This forum is meant for us to help each other gain insight into other perspectives and further craft the topic/idea for the final project.

Step 1: Post your project proposal here by 11:59 PM  on Wednesday of this week.

Step 2: Post a substantive  peer review to two peers by 11:59 PM  on Saturday of this week.

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This assignment is a follow on from the Change Initiative Proposal (Statement of Purpose) you completed in week 4. You will post your draft proposal twice in week 6.  Your draft proposal is to be posted in the week 6 discussion forum for peer review and posted here as an attachment.  You can make adjustments to the paper from your peer reviews prior to posting here.

With any change project clarity in communication is a key element that can make a project a success or failure.  Write from a perspective of clarity for the stakeholders the project will affect. Think about what is the most effective way to communicate the project.  One way to do this is to state the key points and then give detail and supporting materials rather than building your case with supporting materials and then stating key points. Use APA style

Your Change Initiative Proposal should minimally include:

Introduction (support for your study: internal reasons and outside research to build the case for change)
Case/Client Background
Expected Outcomes
Primary and Secondary Participants
Project Scope (possible phases) and Time Frame
Project Leaders
Recommended Assessment Models or Tools. Research beyond course material. Each method should be cited.
Propose Application of  Tool(s) and Change Method(s) Model
How to Measure Results (connect with Objectives and Expected Outcomes)
Implementation Schedule
Budget (Time and/or Money)
Sustainability of Project
The paper is due no later than 11:59 PM on the due day within our online classroom.

To submit your assignment, select Submit Assignment, follow prompts to upload your work, add any comments for your instructor in the comments box (optional), and then click Submit Assignment.

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