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In a complex, dynamic, expensive, and large-scale system like the Internet, analytic solutions are usually not known or are only approximately known. Due to many practical reasons such as cost, risk, and controllability, etc., real experiments on the actual network system may not be preferred. Network simulators attempt to represent real world networks by modeling key elements of the real system and incorporating most of its salient features. Furthermore, it is not too complex for us to understand and experiment with them. The models and their operations enable us to predict the behavior of actual systems at low cost under different configurations of interest and over long period. Although network simulators are not perfect, they are usually accurate enough to give us a meaningful insight into how the network is working, and how its operation can be optimized. Many network simulators, such as NS2, Openet, Qualnet, etc., are widely available. We’ll use NS2 for this project. NS2 is a discrete event simulator written in C++, with an OTcl interpreter shell as the user interface that allows the input model files (Tcl scripts) to be executed. Most network elements in the NS2 simulator are developed as classes, in object-oriented fashion. The simulator supports a class hierarchy in C++, and a very similar class hierarchy in OTcl. The root of this class hierarchy is the TclObject in OTcl. Users create new simulator objects through the OTcl interpreter, and then these objects are mirrored by corresponding objects in the class hierarchy in C++. NS2 provides substantial support for simulation of TCP, routing algorithms, queueing algorithms, and multicast protocols over wired and wireless (local and satellite) networks, etc. It is freely distributed, and all source code is available.

Familiarize yourself with network simulations using NS2, which is a widely used network analysis tool.

• Learn all the basic steps to perform a complete NS2 simulation.

• Study the operation and effects of different window sizes in TCP

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