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I require interview questions for qualitative research. The project aims to identify the new forms and styles of leadership needed to promote the successful implementation of remote learning in schools. The study focuses on establishing the existing leadership styles that school leaders use in facilitating remote learning. It also aims at investigating how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted normal education in schools, in particular fully remote and hybrid learning environments.

The title of the research is: How far does the successful development of remote learning in schools require new forms and styles of leadership?

Research question 1
What learning opportunities regarding technology do school leaders currently provide to help teachers better understand how to use technology to facilitate remote learning?

Research question 2
What new opportunities can school leadership provide to help teachers better understand how to use technology to facilitate remote learning?

The interview key questions should also contain probing questions and can be a mix of closed and open ended.

Examples of the questions may include:

Example of a main question:
Q1. Tell me about the situation that resulted in school closure due to COVID-19. What immediate problems did this generate for the leadership of the school?
Probing question:
– Do you think that any of the problems faced were specific to the context of your school?

Q2.As a school leadership team, can you describe the steps that were initially taken to respond to the situation?
Probing questions:
– Was there a voice of authority from inside the group and/or did you receive any guidance from any government or other agency regarding action to take? 
– What were your initial concerns?
– What were your first steps of action?

The interview should last approx 30 mins. I am expecting 7 to 10 questions.

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