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Technology in Law Enforcement week 5 discussion2

Chapter Fourteen of Policing America: Challenges and Best Practices examines the exciting high-technology developments in policing (and some with applications in corrections as well), including those in the areas of less-lethal weapons, wireless technology, electronics, imaging systems, firearms, and communications.
This is an exciting time for the police; more new technologies than ever are being made available to aid them in their efforts to analyze and address crimes. Chapter Fourteen has shown the breadth of research and development that is underway.
Visit Technology – POLICE Magazine and look for new technology that is being used by law enforcement around the United States. Locate an article concerning technology and address the following:
Explain what the new technology is and how it is helping law enforcement agencies.  
Choose two new technologies (different from the new technology explained previously), either from Technology – POLICE Magazine or Chapter Fourteen, that you think law enforcement should obtain and adopt. Explain why you think this technology is necessary for advanced law enforcement communities.   
Peak, K. (2012). Policing America: Challenges and best practices (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education
In the recent years, there has been much advancement in the new technology that is being used around the country. The police departments have not been left out as they continue to adapt and integrated new technology into their working environment. Among this is the 4N6XPRT system. This is an accident reconstruction kit used by the police in accident sites. The system works using laser beams and other digital technology to make the calculations at the scene of accident more accurate and faster to get (Peak, 2012).
This in turn saves a lot of time for the officer and enables them to clear scene faster which improves there safety in the case of secondary accidents. According to Master Sergeant Dave Keltner of the Illinois State Police Traffic Crash Reconstruction Unit” It’s knowing how to use the tools.” A lot of it is readily available info, but the time you can save having it all there at your fingertips makes it so much more helpful…and cost effective” (par.6).
Among the most rampant crime today is the loss of small but expensive electronic devices like tablets and phones. New technology has been developed to help track these devices when misplaced or stolen. Lastly are the new state of the art speed cameras in our highways. The new digital cameras enable the law enforcers to be able to collect data more accurately and process it in real time hence they are able to make arrests when required.
There is also the new indoor defense system. This is a new system used in making cars for the police that includes the use of armored doors in the making of their patrol cars which makes them safer in their job. This new system can be used in a way that the police use their doors as shields hence protecting themselves more in cases where the wrong dowers are armed.
According to Schultz (2004) “technologies are changing the way police operate, many chiefs are changing their purchasing priorities as well, dedicating funds either from grants or from their operating budgets to keep their agencies technologically up to date” (Summary, par. 1).  Technology is not for the next generation, it is for this one that is why police chiefs need to stay current with the latest technology.
Bssich, M. (2015, July 15). . Technology – POLICE Magazine. The right digital tools make accident scene reconstruction faster and more accurate.  Retrieved from www.policemag.com/channel/technology.aspx -High-Tech Crash Reconstruction
Peak, K. (2012).Policing America: Challenges and best practices(7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education
Schultz, P. D. (2004, November). The Future Is Here: Technology in Police Departments  Police Retrieved from www.policechiefmagazine.org/magazine/index.cfm?…id..
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