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Operant Conditioning
Teachers have the choice to reinforce the behavior of students who do what theyâ€re supposed to do or punishbehavior that they do not want to see in a classroom. You face these same challenges on a daily basis – as parents, in the military, in your career, and so on.
In your essay this week, address the following:

Define positive reinforcement
Define negative reinforcement
Define punishment
Show how you have applied and/or discuss how you will apply these choices to your daily life
Share your experiences regarding the effectiveness of the two types of reinforcement and punishment in various situations.
Finally, share something that you learned from Chapter Five that might change the way that you handle certain situations or that supports the way that you currently handle these situations.

Your essay should be at least 500 words in length and should be presented in APA format, including a title page, in-text citations, a running header, page numbers, double spacing, and a reference page. Your assignment should use terms/references directly from the chapter, and all extra outside research must be properly cited.
Please note: Negative reinforcement is not the same as punishment, and to get a clearer idea of what negative reinforcement means, you might want to review this weekâ€s lecture on this subject.

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The post psychology quot operant conditioning quot first appeared on Nursing Assignment.

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