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Our text discusses hegemony and defines it as “the process by which the dominant culture takes over and shifts the perspective from that of the minority group to the biased perspective of the majority group” (p.44).  With this in mind, consider where hegemony occurs in schools. What evidence tells you it is present? What are some observable and/or implied signs? How does it impact the curriculum? 

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In terms of cultural segregation, hegemony is the process by which the dominant culture takes over and shifts the perspective from that of the minority group to the biased perspective of the majority group.  This is where minority groups lose their power and support base, becoming assimilated into the dominant discourse. Furthermore, to resist hegemony, separate academic departments and other groups are necessary towards maintaining cultural integrity and unity.Overall, cultural identity influences learning and all learning should be equal in all aspects and imbedded with equity.


Wardle, F. (2013).  Human relationships and learning in the multicultural environment.      San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.


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