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URGENT: This assignment is due in 9 hours!


TERM PAPER:  The professor will approve of an article (from a newspaper / journal/ magazine or otherwise) for you to critique.  You must provide a current article from an approved source. The article will be about a current event topic involving supply and demand.  It need not be a complicated article. The paper should be a minimum of 1000 words, formatted in APA style with references. A rough draft of the Final Term Paper must be presented in class to the instructor on the rough draft date due. At that point it is expected that the basic thoughts around the article will be developed and that the main body of the paper has been written and the rest of the paper should at least be in outline form.


The completed critique should contain the following paragraphs and will be evaluated based on the following:

1.       5%  – Introduction or Executive Summary

2.       20% – Critique.

a.       Critique an article about supply and demand for accuracy and thoroughness. Ideally, find an article that lacks correct economic insight and critique the article for inaccuracies. Critique of the article should note any ambiguities and problems in logic.  

3.       20% – Graph.

a.       Use your newly acquired understanding of the supply and demand curves to graphically illustrate the article. Often the best approach to use two graphs, before and after or short run and long run. The graphs should be hand drawn, not copied from a website. The graphs must be labelled properly for full marks.

4.       20%- In my Own Opinion….

a.       State whether you agree with what is being said in the article.  Why do you agree or why not? Explain. No marks will be given for unexplained answers.

5.       5% – Conclusion

6.       30% – Writing quality/clarity: Did the student:

·         Demonstrate the ability to elaborate on the subject, making it intelligible to others?

·         Anticipate what objections can be raised?

·         Identify what the subject limitations are?

·         Demonstrate critical thinking skills?

·         Understand relevant economic concepts?

·         Correctness/relevance to the assignment

·         Was the rough draft turned in on time? Was the paper late


PowerPoint Presentation:  This is a FORMAL presentation requiring the student to dress appropriately for a business setting and to produce a polished presentation to their peers and the instructor. The presentation will be on the same article that was selected for the Final Term Paper. The presentation should be roughly between 7-10 minutes long with time for additional questions from other students and the instructor.


I have choosen the article needed for this essay. Please work with the article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/internet-security/10584348/Credit-card-details-of-20m-South-Koreans-leaked.html


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