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Select a special needs population from the list below: ·Sex offenders ·Mental Health · Women ·Juveniles ·Substance abusers ·Domestic violence Create a 7- to 12-slide presentation based on your selecte

CJHS420 Week 2 Special Needs Populations Presentation 



Select a special needs population from the list below:


·         Sex offenders

·         Mental Health

·         Women

·         Juveniles

·         Substance abusers

·         Domestic violence

Create a 7- to 12-slide presentation based on your selected special needs population. This presentation will be an analysis of the case management process as it applies to criminal justice special needs populations.

Include the following in your analysis:


·         Identify the characteristics and specific needs of the selected special population.

·         Describe how the problems associated with your special population can be resolved.

·         What would happen if the population was left unattended and not managed properly?

Include detailed speaker notes in the presentation. Use complete sentences, with correct grammar and punctuation, to fully explain each slide as if you were giving an in-person presentation.

Format your presentation consistent with APA standards.



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