Meaningfulness and Implementation-related Factors –

Meaningfulness and Implementation-related Factors

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Meaningfulness and Implementation-related Factors

In quantitative research, we looked at the rate of falls numerically before and after the implementation of a program. In qualitative research, if you were interested in study the impact of falls on the patient’s quality of life, you could obtain this information through personal interviews. The unit of measurement would be the words that the patient uses, and a qualitative method would be used to analyze this data.

Give a different example of qualitative research design. How does qualitative research improve quality of care and health outcomes?

Peer Response 1:

Stephanie Knaggs posted

There are many ways that qualitative research can improve quality of care and health outcomes. For example, qualitative research studies can “explain the mechanisms by which interventions, evaluated within trials, might achieve their effect” (Booth, 2016, para. 1). Also, they can “investigate differences in effects between different population groups” and “identify which outcomes are most important to patients, carers, health professionals, and other stakeholders” (Booth, 2016, para. 1). Furthermore, qualitative studies can “explore the impact of acceptance, feasibility, meaningfulness, and implementation-related factors within a real world setting” and therefore contribute to enhancements to future interventions (Booth, 2016, para. 1). An example of a qualitative study could be nurse perception of care delivery and patient safety in emergency departments. Nurses could be interviewed and asked questions regarding their ability to provide effective and safe care to their patients. They could also be asked about barriers to implementing safety practices and what tools they needed to provide better outcomes of care delivery. This type of qualitative study could be useful in identifying ways in which policies or procedures need to change, staffing adjustments, equipment or technology maintenance or upgrades, or even scripting conversations with patients to improve their perception of delivery of care. A quantitative study could then be performed to test the relevance and effectiveness of changes implemented as a result of the qualitative study. References

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