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After spending time in class discussing Levitt’s and Dubner’s work, you will combine what you have read along with a minimum of 2 other credible outside sources to develop a 3+ page typed, and double-spaced (MLA format) paper that addresses ONE of the following questions:

  1. Does the recognition of differences (narrow your topic to something specific, like: ethnicity, religion, culture, politics, socioeconomic status, geography, gender, sexual preference, appearance, etc.) create an “us and them” mentality, or does it help maintain a fair society? You MUST use examples from SuperFreakonomics to support your position.

  2. In the first book, Freakonomics, Levitt proclaims, “Humans respond to incentives” (7). Write an essay to explore the power of incentives by:

    1. Analyzing one or two of the ideas/conclusions Levitt reaches in SuperFreakonomics, and

    2. Showing examples of how incentives work in your world.


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