at a family reunion your uncle earl says quot i don t see why the president has to ask congress if it s ok to send troop to liberia the constitution says the president can do what he wants quot how would you go about correcting uncle earl –

At a family reunion, your Uncle Earl says “I don’t see why the President has to ask Congress if it’s OK to send troop to Liberia. The Constitution says the President can do what he wants.” How would you go about correcting Uncle Earl?

  • The essay is at least 250 words long and demonstrates the proper use of paragraphs (no points will be awarded for this activity if these conditions are not met);
  • The essay concludes with a list of references using APA style (no points will be awarded if this condition is not met)
  • Your essay answers the question thoroughly
  • Your essay includes concepts taken from more than one chapter in the text
  • Your essay included the use of relevant personal examples, or examples of how these concepts can be used in everyday life.


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