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1) Some bacteria are able to harvest light of 1000 nm wavelength. A) What is the energy (in kilojoules) of a mole of 1000 nm photons? B) What is the maximum increase in redox potential that can be induced by a 1000 nm photon? C) What is the minimum number of 1000 nm photons needed to form one molecule of ATP from ADP and Pi (assume standard state ΔG value for ATP synthesis)? 2) The chorlophyll of photosystem I (PSI) absorbs a photon of 700 nm wavelength. In its ground state, this P700 chlorophyll has a standard state reduction potential (ℰ°’) of +0.4 V. Absorbance of a photon alters this ℰ°’ to -0.6V. What is the efficiency of energy capture in this light reaction of the P700 chlorophyll?


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