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The case study is a fundamental learning method as the business discipline is by nature an applied science. First, you skim a case for the basic facts: What company? Who are the principal actors? What are the key events? Then, go back and reread the case carefully with a focus on defining the challenge(s)/problem(s) to be addressed.

In general, there are no “right” or “wrong” answers for a specific case – different approaches and insights are possible, depending on your perspective and approach. However, application of knowledge and analytical models we cover in this course is an essential part of the case analysis. Regardless of your approach, I will expect you to draw logical conclusions and (if appropriate) make recommendations that: (a) address the identified strategic issues; (b) follow logically from your analysis and conclusions; and (c) make sense (are feasible) in the context of the case situation.

In short, case analysis assignments are designed to evaluate and develop your skills in:

Identifying key strategic issues (decisions or actions required in a given situation; description of the challenge(s) to be addressed)

Analyzing business situations (choosing appropriate analytical tools/frameworks from those introduced in the course; understanding the organizational and environmental contexts, identifying and analyzing opportunities and threats, and competitive advantages and disadvantages; and evaluating options)

Recommending specific strategies and actions (to address the identified strategic issues).

The length of each case analysis report should be approximately 3 to 4 pages, double spaced, including figures, tables, and references. There are five (5) cases we will cover in the class. Case write-ups are due at 5:00 p.m. on the specified dates (see the course schedule) and are to be completed as an individual effort. You will submit your case write-up on D2L. Make sure that the report is divided into sections in a logical manner. Late cases are not accepted.

The 5 cases we will cover are:

Case 11. Boeing commercial aircraft

Case 12. Staples in 2015

Case 13. Trader Joe’s: A remarkably quirky- and successful grocery retailer

Case 25. Starbuks, 2015

Case 26. Dell Inc.: Going private

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