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1. Case 7-1 The Power Line Poles. Please respond to the following:

Discuss the bidding procedure.
Discuss and explain whether you agree or disagree with the final decision in this case.
Determine to what degree you would insist on the utmost high quality, knowing that this pursuit impacts costs significantly. State your rationale..(will give link)

2. Being a small-business owner such as a custom framing store, a restaurant, a garage, or a specific small local business of your choice, apply the basic supply management principles to the acquisition of services.

Discuss the trade-offs of quantity, quality, and cost in a small business.
Planning systems such as MRP and CRP might be overkills for a small-business owner. Devise a simplified version of a MRP and/or CRP such as a supply planning chart or a supply planning template for a small local business. 

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The post 2 discussion questions short but sweet appeared first on Nursing Assignment.


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The post 2 discussion questions short but sweet first appeared on Nursing Assignment.

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