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if you could answer each of the DQ’s with 100-150 each. Thank you!

DQ 2: Tulsha,

Public scientific lectures help to improve public knowledge and enable society to appreciate science. Public scientific lectures also enable direct interaction between the speaker and the audience. Public scientific lectures provide education to the public about all types of issues in health care as well as other issues. Positives points of this lecture methods are; it can be presented to a large audience to provide education to many people at once. Learners who like to learn by listening can learn more easily from this type of education. The information can be specifically organized to meet the learners need so, the learners do not have to participate other than listening and taking notes. Negative points are; if the topic is complex, this type of learning method may not be the better method. In this lecture method most of the learners lose attention after fifteen to twenty minutes. Also, not everyone learns at the same level of understanding and it may not be an effective method for the visual learners (Paris.C., 2014).


Paris.C., (2014). Lecture Method: The Pros, Cons, and Teaching Alternatives .

DQ 2: Jordan,

Personally I have only attended two different in-person scientific lectures, both as part of an energy science class I took in undergrad. I enjoyed both of them, and they similarly discussed energy options such as nuclear, coal, wind etc. If I remember correctly both lectures were roughly an hour plus questions at the end, which I thought was around the perfect amount of time to stay engaged. One of the most positive things about these lectures were that the presenters were very good speakers and kept the audience engaged by asking us questions throughout. The content was easily understandable and was kind of geared towards explaining the pros and cons of different types of energy to a layman crowd. A negative that I found was that it can sometimes appear quite biased and lacks information from the opposing side. This is why I like the idea of doing some sort of scientific debate as well. Apart from these two lectures, I have watched quite a few Ted Talks that I really liked. These are still public lectures but are instead posted online to reach greater audiences. What I like about many of these is that they are often a bit shorter and more direct so you can get all the information in about 30 minutes. One negative of these is that you feel a bit more distanced from the lectures and are of course unable to ask questions directly.

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