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is like reflection what did you learn or what do you think about writing , as your self as writer


Your portfolio can be a file, jacket, folder, pack or packet. It should be creative, artistic and reflective of your personality and style.


The portfolio should contain the following;

1. Select 4 ‘spilling the beans’ papers from any unit as an example for this prompt: “How has the spilling the beans daily prompt helped you as a writer in this class?” Attach the response to the 4 papers selected. Use the papers as examples.

2. Select 2 papers from the 4 major assignments we have done in class that you consider your best work. Annotate on these papers individually, showing why they are your best written works in the class. Look for lines, sentences, paragraphs or main points that your find worthy of appraisal, look for your use of figurative expressions, dialogue, words, phrases or punchlines the you find interesting to you. You can annotate using ‘track changes’ (found in your word document), or using colored pencils or pens. You can use symbols or designs line by line or paragraph by paragraph. You can annotate how ever you want to.

3. A final paper answering the prompt, “What is writing?”. Use the entire Writ 101 class as a resource for this final paper. Your reflections of yourself as a writer and your writing can come in handy here. The selected papers in your portfolio can be used as examples in your paper. For this paper, you are going to refer to our writing textbook and apply the articles we read in class just as they resonate with you. This paper will require 8 sources from the articles, well integrated and incorporated into your paper. This paper should be well written and structured. Do all your grammar/punctuation checks before turning it in. This paper is an academic writing but nonetheless, make it as personal as possible- YOUR IDEAS MATTER!


7 or 8 pages

Times new Roman font style

12 size font

Double spaced

Creative title

MLA documentation and citation style :Please use this links to guide you on how to use MLA documentation style.

To cite sources within the article, (In-text), use this guidelines found here: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/mla_style/mla_formatting_and_style_guide/mla_in_text_citations_the_basics.html

For your ‘Works cited’ page, use this guidelines found here: https://library.austincc.edu/help/MLA/

Works cited page

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