Business & Finance 2023 Product Description

2023 Product selected is a Yoga Studio Services I am looking to add into the yoga studio

Product selected is a Yoga Studio

Services I am looking to add into the yoga studio is nutrition, massage therapy, and vitamin IV drips

Below is what I put in my discussion to help with what my idea is for my product

Define the business problem:

First, the issue is the motivation people will have to get into fitness and self-care. Many people want to change their lifestyles but are not active and lack motivation. In order to provide motivation certain services should be provided to make the studio stand out against competitors.

The second issue will be the cost of the membership to include coverage for the services provided.

Research questions:

1. What services can be provided that will make the yoga studio stand out against the competition?

2. What factors will help determine the cost of the membership?

The customers targeted for the research are those that want to make a change in their physical lifestyle. The sampling technique that will be used will be a simple random sampling of college students of all ages. I chose this technique because I believe it will help to determine what their physical lifestyle consists of and their interests in overall physical fitness.

Survey and observation will help to find if students are interested in fitness as well as what services they would be interested in trying. Descriptive feedback will help to determine the kind of services that will be provided. Determining the other services can help with the cost of the membership and control the demand. A mixed focus group of physically active and non-motivated people will help to determine what they like or dislike about the yoga studio and provide specifics on issues with other services. A secondary source will be to utilize social media to gain attention to the yoga studio and promote. This way would be fast and easy since everyone is on social media.

I believe the best way to present my report is to gather my information and create a short and sweet PowerPoint. I would show what will be included in the studio as far as actual classes and services that help promote a physically healthy lifestyle. It will also show brief information on how the findings were gathered and the targeted crowd. Ways to help promote motivation within people to join or visit the yoga studio.

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