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2023 Do Case Study Chapter 4 on pages 102 103 104 Leadership in Organizations Yukl


Do Case Study Chapter 4 on pages 102, 103, 104 (Leadership in Organizations, Yukl, 8th Edition, 2013, Pearson. ISBN 978-0-13-277186-3)

Answer the questions at the end with 300 words total


* Include 3 bolded key concepts (bold them in your posts) from anywhere in the first 4 chapters

* Include at least 1 citing from a scholarly outside source and reference the source

* Watch the video (Ted Talk “Six Keys to Leading Positive Change”

· include at least one of the six keys to leading positive change

·  bold the key concept and reference the video 

2. Read and respond to initial reaction post (Your response should include at least 150 word).

Richard initially failed in his attempt to replace the obsolete ordering system and replacing it with an automated system by not having a good understanding of the system dynamics of Ultimate Office Products.  Despite Richard having the right vision for the continued success of the company, he neglected to see the resistance from lesser figureheads of the institution. By failing to consult with managers from different departs there was a lack of unity that did not allow the system to become innovated.  Richard was faced with the problem of having too many chiefs and not enough Native Americans.   

      The first key to solving this problem of resistance to change was getting everyone to team up (Six Keys) and work together for the survival of the company.  Richard accomplished this, “by gathering more information about the reason for delays in processing”. Once the problems were identified, Richard presented his findings to the CEO.  Richard, now realizing that he does not have the authority to force other managers to implement the new system, developed a new strategy that will incorporate the other managers. Enlisting these key people into task forces and assigning each of them a different aspect of the problems the company is facing helped to create a unified understanding for the urgent need for change.  This strategy ties directly to step three look up of keys to successes (Six Keys) and John C. Maxwell’s think big advice.  Maxwell says that, big picture thinking allows leaders 1) to see the vision before their people do, 2) size up situations, taking into account many variables, 3) sketch a picture of where the team is going, 4) show how the future connects with the past to make the journey meaningful, and 5) seize the moment when the timing is right, (Maxwell, p.5-6).  

    For the few people that still resisted the change that must be made, Richard would need the support of the CEO. Without the support of change leadership of the CEO, Richard may have failed in his attempts to save Ultimate Office Products.  Richard had the right plan, the right information, and the right vision for the future of Ultimate Office Products, but no authority to direct the business on the right course.  It is only because the CEO gave full support to Richard and his new ordering system that success was achieved, and Ultimate Office Products did not go bankrupt. 

                                                                                                                         Works Cited 

     Maxwell, J. C. (2009).  How Successful People Think.  Center Street: New York, New York. 

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