Business Finance 2023 Journal 3.c

2023 Chapter 17 presents 10 Key Values For Assessment Explore each of them in your own words by

 Chapter 17 presents 10 Key Values For Assessment. Explore each of them in your own words by answering the “Ask yourself” questions after each value section. Do this utilizing a professional team you have intimate knowledge of (past or present).. [remember this is a private/confidential journal]. Finally, outline TWO values to target for improvement with this based on problematic answers you gave to the ask yourself questions. However, in this process, you must use at least TWO of the key Team Effectivenesscomponents (i.e. activities, etiquette, participation, etc.) described in Chapter 18 in order to outline a plan as to how you would target and design your intervention to improve your team’s value base AND its overall performance. 

Book used 

Leadership in Healthcare 

Essential Values and Skills 

Third ED

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