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2023 Answer the assigned questions completely and in narrative third person format The paper consist of 1200 WORDS Also include

Answer the assigned questions completely and in narrative, third person format. The paper consist of 1200 WORDS. Also, include at least  three (3) scholarly sources in your responses. Paper must be completed in APA format. NO PLAGIARISM! The assignment must be completed by Friday February 1, 2019 at 2:30PM central time. MUST BE SUBMITTED ON TIME MEETING ALL EXPECTATIONS!  


1.When  Paul advises believers about choosing between marriage and the single  life, how much do you think his expectations that the parousia might be near affected his advice? Explain why/why not.          

2.How does Paul link Jesus’ resurrection to the Christian hope of an afterlife?          

3.In  2 Corinthians chapters 10-13, what arguments do Paul’s opponents at the  church in Corinth use against him? How does Paul use his mystical experiences to counter these arguments?         

4. Define  what Paul means by righteousness, justification and faith. Why does  Paul tell the Galatians especially (although he says the same thing in  Romans) that circumcision is no longer necessary?          

5.In Romans ch.  1 Paul speaks of humanity’s guilt and of its turning away from God in  favor of mere idols. What is humanity’s responsibility in this? What are  the consequences of this idolatry?          

6.What  issue does Paul have to address in Philippians 3 that he already was  forced to address in his letter to the Galatians? What is Paul’s mood  during this part of his letter and what language does he use to indicate  how he feels?         

7.What do we suspect that Onesimus did to get him in to trouble and why do we think that he finally ended up with Paul?

8. Paul clearly emphasizes God’s grace, Jesus’ work on the cross and the  role of faith in our justification. But does this mean that Paul completely rejects the importance of works in the Christian life? What role do you think  good works play in the life of a Christian in Paul’s mind? 

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